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Lie to Me Season 1 Episode 3 – A Perfect Score

Comforting Gestures Self-comforting gestures reassure an ill at ease person. Other reasons why a person might be uncomfortable would have to be ruled out before interpreting this movement as evidence of lying. Kids Lie to Parents? Like Lightman, I rarely challenged my daughter when I knew she was lying. Foster is right; everyone is entitled to privacy; to keep some secrets. Later in the show Foster tells Emily that Lightman knew she was lying on the phone, but he also knew he shouldn’t challenge her every time she tries to conceal something from him. The show closes with Emily telling Lightman he doesn’t catch all her lies. My daughter still believes that I didn’t either; that’s because I, too, didn’t challenge her every time she lied. Now, at 28 there rarely [...]

Lie to Me Season 1 Episode 2 – Moral Waiver

No Emotion Lightman illustrates how the absence of an emotion – in this case disgust – can be just as important as the presence of an emotion. A minute later doubt arises about whether Lake was raped because she does not show the emotions typical of a rape victim. Absent emotions are important again, ten minutes later, when the other female soldiers don’t show the emotional reactions typical when women hear about another woman’s rape. Partner Up Many homicide investigators prefer conducting interrogations in teams, one just observing while the other one asks the questions. This is because having to think about what question you are next going to ask takes attention away from noticing subtle shifts in behavior. Innocent Anger Lightman mentions that innocent people often are angry when they [...]

Lie to Me Season 1 Episode 1 – Pilot

Leakage & Emblematic Slips Dr. Lightman showed the law enforcement class how micro expressions helped him find out where this nasty, Nazi-sympathetic, orange-suited, prisoner had planted a bomb. While the prisoner kept his mouth shut he couldn’t prevent a micro facial expression of delight slipping out when he learned from Lightman that the FBI was wasting time, searching the wrong church. When Lightman told him he had figured out that the FBI should look elsewhere, the suspect broke his silence: “You don’t know what you are talking about”. The leakage this time wasn’t in the face, but a gesture – a one-sided shoulder shrug that contradicted his words. Catching that contradiction reassured Lightman he was going in the right direction. In these few seconds “Lie To Me” illustrated two of the most valuable [...]

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