Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 13 – The Whole Truth

Sadness Over Guilt Lightman says Clara shows more sadness than guilt. It is still unclear whether there is a distinctive facial expression for guilt, which is different from what is seen in sadness. Lightman would probably be basing his judgment on the lack of any attempt to hide the face, with a hand, or by [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 12 – Sweet Sixteen

Terrified Sick When Lightman says to his daughter Emily — “Where have you been? I was worried sick”  — we don’t really hear the full meaning of all his words. Phrases such as “I was worried sick” are used too often for us to register them fully. If Lightman had said ‘I was so worried [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 11 – Beat the Devil

Hotspot Lightman and Foster tell the students possible but not necessary interpretations of the behavior they show to them. When Nixon looks down and hesitates it could be generated by an attempt to lie, but it could just as well be the product of being cautious in choosing his words, or as one of the [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 10 – Tractor Man

Smiling Speaker Foster tells Lightman that she can hear from his voice that Miller is smiling. It is not only the inflection that reveals the smile, but the smiling lips change the length of the vocal channel from which sounds are emitted. Many advertisers use announcers who sound as if they are smiling, because we [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 9 – Fold Equity

Change is Hard Cal: “things change.” Foster: “but people don’t…” Cal proves Foster right when he secretly gambles. It would have been more accurate if Foster had said, “most adults don’t” because change is harder, not impossible, but harder by the end of the teens. Of course it also depends on what aspect of a [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 8 – Secret Santa

Fear is Good Foster tells Lightman fear is healthy. Fear is aroused when danger is sensed. The danger can be sensed in an instant, in the blink of an eye, before we are consciously aware of the threat. Fear mobilizes us to take the necessary actions that sometimes save our lives. Consider the near miss [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 7 – Black Friday

Interrogation Questioning Lightman gives the young boy Max some tips about how to ask questions when he interviews the couple he suspects are not really his parents. Don’t ask them questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no. That is one of the tips I always emphasize with police. You want people [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 6 – Lack of Candor

Face to Face With the Target Lightman is correct. It is generally believed that people find it harder to lie when they confront the person who is the target of their lie. That is why with very rare exceptions when a defendant testifies it must be in front of the victim. I don’t know of [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 5 – Grievous Bodily Harm

Reading Friends We later find out that Terry lied when he said he just owed twelve grand. Did Lightman miss it? With people we know well and with whom we are emotionally involved, we often fail to recognize signs of lying. We want to believe them; we overlook what total strangers might recognize. That’s why [...]

Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 4 – Honey

Inconsideration Attending a social mixer Lightman flirts with Cynthia, the curator who is the ex-wife of Lightman’s client. Cleverly he entices her into telling him that she was never unfaithful during her marriage. But did Lightman need to dump her in such a thoughtless way, waiting for him to return from feeding a parking meter? [...]